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Country Cart 6 person, vehicle for free time, or drive down the road. Simple in use and maintenance Options avaliable Väl

Cob Light Single Single marathon vehicle. Very good for everyday users. Many options avaliable. Väl

Cob Light Pair Pair/Single marathon for every day users. Compact carriage that alows to drive with friends in the forest as well as some competition courses. Väl

Defender (Draft) Carriage Dedicated to tall and regular horses modern and usefull carriage with lots of options avaliable Väl
F5 pair Maraton F5 pair Väl
F5 single Maraton F5 single Väl

Fox 5FR Fox 5 FR Small Pony ( 12,5HH-15HH) Väl

Freedom 10 Big comfortable wagonette for 10 persons. Its specific construction, make them lighter than old way constructed wagonets. Lenght of bench: 190cm Väl

Freedom 12 Comfortable for horses wagonette, lighetr than classic carriages with torsion suspension. Lenght of back 245cm Väl

Mikrofox pair/single One of the smallest and lightest pair/single marathon carriages for little ponies. Väl

Horse Light Single One of most popular carriages, avaliable also in pair/single version as HL2 Väl

Horse Light Single Second Edition This carriage is dedicated for a regular single horse for every day users who wants to do it for pleasure or train their horses. You may choose size of wheels. Väl

Horse Light single/pair Pair single version of popular line of carriages Light. Suitable for all phases as well as for recreation driving Väl

Horse Light Pair Second Edition Pair single carriage - One of the best sellers. Very universal carriage that you can use on sport events, but you can also use it for every day drive. Väl

Kami Classic Väl

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