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Model Naam Omschrijving Acties

Boar Proffesional marathon for pair of 4 cob/ponies. Steering slomotions all wheel brakes, shock absorber pole is a standard in this vehicle. Wide choice of additional options. Selecteren

Badger Proffesional pair marathon carriage. Equipped in all necessary stuff like: steering slowmotion, shock absorber pole, evenar etc. Also many options avaliable Selecteren

Rhino Proffesional team carriage. Space for 2 grooms, dimensions according to FEI regulations. All neccessary features included. Personal custumizing avaliable. Selecteren

Country Cart 6 person, vehicle for free time, or drive down the road. Simple in use and maintenance Options avaliable Selecteren

Cob Light Single Single marathon vehicle. Very good for everyday users. Many options avaliable. Selecteren

Cob Light Pair Pair/Single marathon for every day users. Compact carriage that alows to drive with friends in the forest as well as some competition courses. Selecteren

Sulky CRL1 Simple not expensive carriage for coach or begginer. Selecteren

Defender (Draft) Carriage Dedicated to tall and regular horses modern and usefull carriage with lots of options avaliable Selecteren
DC30 DC 30 Doctorwagen Selecteren

Doktorwagen Classic doctorwagen, built using new technologies. Steel wheels with stylized spokes. Track 138cm. Selecteren

Delux Cob Single Elegant dressed up carriage for show driving and recreation drivng suitable for horses 135-155cm. Avaliable also on pair version under symbol DXC2. Selecteren

Delux Cob Pair Pair version of Delux carriage. Suitable for horses 135-155. Good for shows and recreation driving. Width 125 cm, weight 240 kg, 2 disc brakes. Available also for single version. Selecteren

Delux Horse Single Good looking recreation pleasure carriage for every day users. There is more options avaliable to dress up the carriage more, as spindle seats. Selecteren

Delux Horse Pair Very elegant carriage with many options avaliable. Good carriage for shows, configure more options. Selecteren

Delux Pony Single Smaller version of line of delux carriages dedicated for horses 100-130. Depending on condition of horses - because the weight can be an issue. Pleaese consider this choosing this vehicle. Selecteren

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